About me

I am Moscow's most Prominent Dominatrix now in London in March and April.
As a dual national I have decided to share my amazing knowledge of my bdsm experience got in Russia, in Austria and in the East with my friends in London.


I have a unique backgound as I have a broad experience of living and practicing bdsm games in Moscow and in Vienna and two degrees related to teaching and sociology which help me in my dominatrix career.

Being originally from Moscow, Russia , I have been learning and speaking English since I was seven, as due to my inquisitive nature I have been allways interested in learning about different cultures and traditions. This let me to investigate my own sexuality which led to my discovery of the nirvana that a true bdsm experience can bring.
My teaching, modeling and performing arts experiences help me in roleplays and bdsm games.
Being dominant and powerful by nature, I was attracted by an occupation which would allow me to be in a dominant role which is why I learnt to be a teacher. The skills that I learnt as a teacher gave me the tools to excel as a Mistress. My Sociology degree gives me a unique understandiing of the mental dynamics of a bdsm relationship which allows me to bring my submissives to a state of exctasy that they cannot even imagine.

Though I can be strict at my session, I am also an understanding and friendly person. I love those whom I inerract with to feel comfortable and open with me in our friendly communication.


I have a commanding but very sexy Russian accent. I am a life time Dome, I have discovered this since I was a little girl I used to practice it on my little brother and friends. Domination comes naturally to me. I am highly intuitive and intelligent and enjoy spending time with the others who share my interests.


In heels I am 6 feet tall, you will be overwhelmed by my alluring eyes and beauty. I have a seductively voluptuous body also slim and sportlike, as I have been a glamour model. I keep myself fit and well-groomed by doing lots of sports and eating healthy.


I have a social life and a professional career apart from this. That is why your and my security and discretion are of vital importance for me. I will allways respect your limits but as your Mistress I will enable you to find the true limits of your submission, fetishes and kinks, both its light and dark sides. I will push you to the places that you have hardly dared to dream of whilest understanding where your boundary line and making sure youmeet it but never cross it. This is for me the most beautiful turn on that I know. I am very good at not leaving marks, unless given explicit permission. I always discuss boundaries prior to the session.


In London I am located next to Tower bridge. It's a descreet, safe and cosy appartment with a view over the London City and st Katherine's Dock. It's close to Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf and the City.
My telephone and address >>>
I am proud to say that I am the perfect mix of East and West. And as a Russian and British citizen I have a deep understanding of both cultures and can create an experience that uses my this knowledge to fulfill your fantasies in the deepest possible way.


As for my bdsm experience, I am a Top Domme and have been known internationally for over 8 years now. You can also read my testimonials, they speak volumes>>>


My style of domination is erotic and mischiveous at times and demanding and strict at other times. Nothing pleases me more than to see the excitement in your eyes while I make you desperate, helpless. I am a natural sadist. I lust to torture you, to make you my play thing, to cause you pain with my control of you. I will sense your limits and take you to the edge of nirvana with my hard and sensual overpower.With adequate time, I will break you down and build you back up.

Please understand I do not sellect all those who contact me. I require all those whom I see to oblide by my rules as explained on this site.>>>
And I expect you, my submissive, to make me want to be your mistress and play with you. Those who succeed will have my full attention and help to reach the highest level of erotisism of which they are capable.

AGE: 30
HEIGHT: 176 cm
WEIGHT: 55 kg


Explore the Enigmatic Russian Rose and let me explore you in return!

The Diamond of the Theme and your Mistress!